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BonsaiX is a knowledge management platform that helps take your customer support experience to the next level.
For a more efficient service team
No matter what channels you use to reply to all the questions your customers are asking, you need to get the answers consistently right. The best way to make this happen is by giving all your service agents access to the latest information on products and services. You can go one step further by giving your team the ability to flag mistakes or customer feedback in a way that is instantly visible across the organization. BonsaiX was designed to help you do this and more.
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For a more successful sales team
Not everyone is born with that killer sales instinct, but every team has standout sales pros who can serve as role models. BonsaiX lets your team share that knowledge and ensure that tips and tricks from the best help everyone sell more successfully. But there’s more: selling complex products is much easier when your team have the answers to all of the questions customers can throw at them at their fingertips, even the most obscure ones. Knowledge management done right takes your sales capabilities to the next level.
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For less frustrating onboarding for new hires
The first 3 months on any new job are always the hardest - this is the time for getting to grips with tasks and building a network. Or at the very least figuring out who to turn to with questions. If training materials are out of date (or nonexistent), new hires will struggle, but the real difficulty starts after the training period: when the time comes to answer questions and make decisions quickly, under pressure. This is where BonsaiX comes in: it gives teams a tool that lets them document all the important bits and pieces that make the company tick, giving new hires the comfort of knowing where to look for answers in their day to day work.
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For easier collaboration in remote teams
Every team has that colleague who is an absolute expert in their area but when they can’t be reached, work stops because no one else has the specific domain knowledge. With more and more teams working remotely, another issue we often see is having to chat about even the smallest question because no one is sitting on the other side of the desk who could answer. BonsaiX gives you a tool that helps capture and discover complex information. Try it to see how much more efficiently your team can get work done if all the info they need is at their fingertips.
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How can I edit an existing article, what editing functions do I have?
As an admin, when you click on an article the editor opens up. At the top bar you can find several functions which help you to make your article …
How can I publish an article?
Articles are only visible to all users in your team / company or on a selected channel (e.g. FAQ page) if they are in an "Approved" status. …
How to edit a smart FAQ?
The CHANNELS tab in the left-hand navigation contains all your channels displayed as tiles. By clicking on a tile, you can edit the channel and make …
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Why BonsaiX?
Take it for a spin - no strings attached
Our 14 day free trial means you can take your time to explore the features. No need for payment details either.
Super simple to use
The intuitive interface means there is very little in the way of a learning curve. You can get started right away even if you’ve never used knowledge management software before.
Easy to customize
Flexible plans means it can grow with your team and their expanding needs.
Lightning fast to set up
BonsaiX runs in the browser, so there’s no need to install software - getting started is quick and easy.