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BonsaiX is a knowledge management tool that helps you take digital customer experience to the next level.
BonsaiX is a knowledge management tool that helps you take digital customer experience to the next level.
BonsaiX solutions
FAQ builder
The Frequently Asked Questions section - aka the “Help Center” - ought to be a major information hub on any website. It helps site visitors find out more about your products and services without having to contact you directly. It provides instant, easy to browse answers to the most pressing questions and makes sure you don't miss any opportunity to help your customers.
Boost customer experience
Customers get fast, accurate answers to their questions as those come up.
Increase site conversion rates
Increased time spent on your site leads to higher site stickiness.
Cut support costs
Every question answered by FAQs is one more question your team won't be asked in person.
Drive more traffic to your site
Regularly updated dynamic content is ranked higher by search engines.
Article editor
Create content with the article editor
BonsaiX comes with an easy-to-use article editor, making content creation a breeze. Want to enrich your articles with images or videos? We've got you covered.
Category builder
Structure knowledge with the category wizard
A truly useful Help Center shows all the right information in the right place. BonsaiX provides a category wizard to help you organize content. Create tiers that work best for your domain and assign articles to the correct category.
Channel publishing
Choose the implementation that works for you
No matter if you are looking for an FAQ to fit into your existing website or you need an easy-to-launch external Help Center, BonsaiX got you covered. You can either pick a custom BonsaiX domain in the channel wizard or host the customized template yourself.
Intuitive search
Easy to browse information
BonsaiX provides a built-in FAQ template which makes sure that your visitors get to browse a clean, intuitive Help Center. A search bar helps those who prefer direct search to navigating tiers.
Version control
Intuitive version control
You published a change that proved to be incorrect? Or you reverted back to an earlier product, which is no longer reflected on your website? No problem, BonsaiX lets you easily browse previous versions of articles for editing or re-publishing
Approval flow
Call the shots on when your content is ready to be published
BonsaiX provides an intuitive publishing flow making sure that only approved content is visible to your customers. Larger teams can even decide who gets to create and publish articles.
Tailor our FAQ template to your own look
The channel wizard lets you create a customized Help Center in a matter of minutes. Pick a domain, set the colors, upload your logo and pick the categories you want to appear on the public FAQ & you're ready to go. No coding skills needed.
Knowledge facts
Help your customers help themselves
customer selfcare
agent support
According to Forrester, 72% of customers choose self-service rather than talking to a customer support agent even if they have a chance to. With the pandemic limiting customer service and human assisted channel capabilities across sectors, seamless self-service capabilities are a must. Use BonsaiX to build your help center now.
Source: Forrester
customer selfcare
agent support
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BonsaiX Knowledge Management
Knowledge management
Take it for a spin - no strings attached
Our 14 day free trial means you can take your time to explore the features. No need for payment details either.
Super simple to use
The intuitive interface means there is very little in the way of a learning curve. You can get started right away even if you've never used knowledge management software before.
Easy to customize
Flexible plans means it can grow with your team and their expanding needs.
Lightning fast to set up
BonsaiX runs in the browser, so there's no need to install software - getting started is quick and easy.
BonsaiX Knowledge Management