All the information your team needs, in a single place
"It's like a streamlined version of Confluence with all the enterprise benefits"
- Daniel
New internal wiki
or fast and easy switch from Notion or Sharepoint
An internal wiki - or internal knowledge base - is like a mini-wikipedia that's only accessible to a select team, making it easy to use and secure at the same time. This makes it ideal for creating and browsing all the information your team needs in its day to day work - product information, service descriptions or even your HR policy (no more wondering how to approve holidays!). The whole team can collaborate on content so it's super easy to keep up to date and relevant.
Faster onboarding
Easier learning process for new hires
Better collaboration
Transparent and seamless knowledge transfer across teams
Future-proof organization
No information lost if a key expert leaves the team
Happy customers
Sales and service agents can provide consistent answers to customers across all touchpoints
Work with a single source of truth.
Document all the knowledge your team needs
Article editor
Document all the knowledge your team needs
BonsaiX comes with an easy-to-use article editor, making content creation a breeze. Want to enrich your articles with images or videos? We've got you covered.
Make complex processes easy to navigate with helpflows
Drawing process maps is great, but they can be hard to navigate. BonsaiX helpflows let you turn them into interactive guides enriched with relevant content at every step.
Make complex processes easy to navigate with helpflows
Organize information in a breeze
Category builder
Organize information in a breeze
A truly useful knowledge base has all the right information in its logical place. BonsaiX provides a category wizard to help you organize content. Create tiers that work best for your domain and assign articles to the correct category.
User management
Keep control over who gets to see what
BonsaiX works for any team size. User roles can be fine tuned so that all team members get customized view and edit rights. Don't worry about everyone seeing sensitive finance or HR data.
Keep control over who gets to see what
Don't waste time looking for information
Don't waste time looking for information
Even the best knowledge base layout won't suit everyone, meaning that good search is essential. BonsaiX has you covered: use tags and advanced search filters to help your team find the answers they are looking for.
Version control
Always know what's up to date
Version control means you only ever have the most up to date content published in your internal wiki. Not only that, but you can re-publish previous versions anytime. If you want, you can even work on upcoming changes behind the scenes, only visible to editors.
Always know what's up to date
Power of knowledge
An internal wiki can help your team be more engaged at work
According to a survey conducted by Gallup, 85% of employees are not truly engaged at work, leading to productivity losses totalling 7 billion USD per year. Giving teams the right tools to contribute and shape their own work environment can be a major differentiating factor. Decreasing uncertainty and frustration levels by introducing better ways of collaboration can help you build more engaged teams.
Source: Gallup
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BonsaiX Knowledge Management
Knowledge management
Take it for a spin - no strings attached
Our 14 day free trial means you can take your time to explore the features. No need for payment details either.
Super simple to use
The intuitive interface means there is very little in the way of a learning curve. You can get started right away even if you've never used knowledge management software before.
Easy to customize
Flexible plans means it can grow with your team and their expanding needs.
Lightning fast to set up
BonsaiX runs in the browser, so there's no need to install software - getting started is quick and easy.
BonsaiX Knowledge Management